Our way of seeing the world.
Behind the camera, the stories we capture, they all have a touch of our soul.

Hello! We are Florin and Silvia, destination wedding videographers, based in splendid Romania. We travel the world capturing the most intense and real love stories. We are passionate souls and we adore to see people in love, devoting themselves for an eternity. Every couple has a different story to tell and we like to capture that and transform it into a unique, gently handcrafted film. We get goosebumps every time we feel and see the electricity between two souls and  that is the feeling that we want to give back with our films. Tell us your story and let us collect the emotions that you live in one of the most beautiful days of your life.

our style

Our style

As we said before, we are really passionate about our work, we strive for perfection and our ultimate goal is to give back something that touches your soul. We have a relaxed manner of approaching the wedding day. We don't like to make a big fuss when we're around. We're like a fly on the wall, striving to capture authentic emotions without interfering in the natural course of the events. We like to be observers and we are always one step forward, ready
to capture small details that matter the most: a glimpse, a pair of teary eyes or the feeling of a parent being proud for his child.
Traveling the world inspires us, pushing our creativity to set new boundaries so if you're an adventurous couple, doing an exchange of vows on the top of a mountain or if you're doing an intimate elopement on a wild beach at sunset, let us be there to document these moments so they can be with you forever.


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