I guess it’s every videographer’s dream to see his clients with tears in their eyes after watching their wedding film.

Not only because they are really good friends of ours, but we always like to give it all for our wedding films. The advantage here was that we knew them really well. We knew that Florin, the groom, loves Viorica, his wife now, to the moon and back. He loves her so much that he has put his soul into a gift box and gave it to her.


Knowing this, we asked Viorica to write him a letter, where she would speak about their wedding day. Florin got into the possession of the letter when we arrived to his place in the wedding day. He got emotional without even opening it. We took care so that he wouldn’t know before about the letter. I asked him to read it out loud and we left him alone with just the video cameras. The result…you saw it into the movie.

We like to get to know as many things as we can about our clients. That’s how we can make an idea about what they feel for each other and then try to come up with something that would bring their emotions to the surface and capture them for ever.

Every time that we see their reaction to their wedding film, we end up with goosebumps and tears on our cheeks. That’s what gives us power to continue doing our job with passion: making clients happy and knowing that they can see their memories every time they feel the need to.  Thank you for trusting us with your precious memories!

You can check more of our wedding films on the Portfolio page and we would gladly listen to your love story.

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