This moment is one of those that happens exactly when you least expect. We were having a wedding at Si-Lounge in Bucharest and when people started to get tired and the wedding’s party floor was feeling lonely, the DJ dropped the amazing Bohemian Rhapsody song. In that moment, one of the couple’s friend got really excited and you could see how much he was feeling the song. Everybody who were still on the party floor, got into the same vibe, the groom grabbed our monopod and started to use it as a mic stand :)). What happened next, you can see in the video down below.

The funny thing is, that few songs later, the godparents stopped the party because they had an announcement to make. The godfather was gone for a short time and we have no idea, where in the world, at 3 AM in the morning, he found this gift for the groom: it was a toy karaoke microphone. They were inspired for this gift when they saw how much the groom loved to use our monopod as a mic stand. After this moment, we got our monopod back and the party got crazy again.

The truth is, that in times like these, when we need to social distancing, we realize how much we crave for joyful moments, connecting and having fun together with our friends and letting all of our worries aside.

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