Christening of baby girl Isabel

It was a pleasant surprise for us to hear that Ana and Ionut, a couple that we filmed their engagement ceremony, now have a beautiful baby girl and we’re going to see them again so we can film the christening of the little one.

When I first saw her I thought she is the most frail being in the whole world. Even when she was crying, the sound was so low that you could barely hear her. But aren’t we all like that in the beginning? I bet she will grow a beautiful, strong woman, and she will have a wonderful childhood together with her amazing parents.

The party was held in this amazing place that you can see from the thumbnail. It was once an abandoned place until someone had the idea to restore it, and I’m glad they did. The entrance welcomes you with a really big garden, everything is green around, with a fountain in the middle and surrounded by some really tall trees.

While the party was held this big storm came and it started to rain really hard but I was sure that in the end a beautiful rainbow will appear, and it did as you will see in the movie.

Everything was just perfect!

Have a safe, fun and long journey, you little one!

Everyone, I present you the christening of baby girl Isabel Maria


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