Love stories often unfold in the most unexpected of places, and for Georgiana and Bjorn, their journey of love led them to the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. It all began with a simple inquiry from Georgiana in early 2023, dreaming of exchanging vows amidst Iceland’s natural wonders. Regrettably, our schedules didn’t align, and we faced the disappointment of departing Iceland just before their anticipated celebration.

But as fate would have it, another opportunity arose. An American couple approached us, seeking our services for their elopement in Iceland, fortuitously scheduled just before Georgiana and Bjorn’s wedding date. Seeing it as a chance to extend our stay and capture more of Iceland’s beauty, we eagerly accepted.

Icelandic aurora

However, life had its own plans. The American couple’s elopement was canceled due to personal reasons, leaving us with extra time in Iceland. We reached out to Georgiana with an offer to capture some moments before her wedding. She embraced the idea wholeheartedly and suggested a unique twist: exchanging vows on a rented yacht, a beautiful precursor to their official ceremony.

Georgiana, a Romanian, and Bjorn, an Icelander, met in Reykjavik in a serendipitous encounter. Their love story unfolded one evening as Georgiana stumbled upon Bjorn playing the saxophone in a local bar. From that moment, they knew their connection was meant to be.

On the day of filming, we immersed ourselves in Georgiana and Bjorn’s world, capturing the genuine moments of love and excitement leading up to their yacht ceremony. From Georgiana’s infectious laughter to Bjorn’s heartfelt piano melodies, every moment was filled with authenticity and joy.

Icelandic couple

As the sun dipped below the Icelandic horizon, we bid farewell to Georgiana and Bjorn, grateful for the privilege of capturing their love story. Though our time together was brief, the memories we created will last a lifetime.

In the midst of it all, there are two individuals worth mentioning: Anca from Margo concept, who lent her expertise in crafting Georgiana’s stunning blue dress, and Silviu, the talented photographer from Jurnal Fotografic, who helped immortalize their love in beautiful snapshots.

Iceland lighthouse

So join us in celebrating Georgiana and Bjorn’s love story—a tale of two souls finding each other in the most unexpected of places. Press play and immerse yourself in their journey. And if their story resonates with you, don’t hesitate to share it with others, because love is a story meant to be shared.

You can check more of our wedding films on the Portfolio page and we would gladly listen to your love story.

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