We filmed Julia’s and Patrick elopement in Iceland and this gave us the opportunity to finally see this fascinating country with landscapes beyond our imagination. We had plans to visit Iceland but never had the chance to put them in practice because of other things that always were coming up.

Fosshotel Hellnar

The getting ready happened at Fosshotel Hellnar hotel, placed in a quiet place and with a gorgeous view to the ocean.

Even if we were tired after the long traveling we’ve tried to catch the Northern lights but unfortunately it was cloudy and we couldn’t see anything.

Northern Lights

Next day we got up early so we could take some drone shots with the surroundings. It’s amazing that wherever I was pointing the drone, I could see an unbelievable landscape. After 30 minutes of freezing my fingers on the remote control, the big day started.

Iceland landscape

When we finished to film their preparations in separate rooms, we went ahead with Patrick and Julia in Snæfellsjökull National Park, the location where the first look happened. We were a bit lucky with the weather because it was sunny but with very strong and cold winds so we needed to move fast. These impressive giant cliffs with view at the ocean witnessed their emotional moment of the first look.

Snæfellsjökull National Park

Next, Djúpalónssandur black beach hosted us for a portrait session. Here, some big ocean waves greeted us, and they have been the background for some intimate shots with Julia and Patrick.

Djúpalónssandur black beach

The strong and cold wind pushed us to the Buoakirkja Black Church. We found here a really small and cozy church, where after the priest kept a small ceremony, Julia and Patrick told their vows. It’s always exciting to hear two people devoting to each other.

Buoakirkja Black Church

Because the sun was on his way down when we got out of the church, we took some more couple shots with Julia and Patrick in that good light, just on the fields around the church and to a waterfall nearby.

Sundown in Iceland

See right here the elopement of Julia and Patrick.

You can check more of our wedding films on the Portfolio page and we would gladly listen to your love story.

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