Epic wedding location

Hello people!

This is the last wedding of the year for me, and oh boy! What a wedding!

It is one of the most epic wedding locations I’ve ever been until now. Tenuta Ceccucci, it’s somewhere near Rome, Italy. It’s a villa where you feel like in the movies. And that’s exactly how I felt that night! Everything was perfect!

I knew Gianina and Ionut from a previous wedding that I did in Italy but never kept in touch. When they contacted me to film their wedding I was so enthusiastic because I love to shoot abroad and I wanted to hear their love story. My creativity is always great in new places.

They welcomed me and the photographer, my best friend, at the airport, one day before the wedding and took us to the place where we had to sleep. Do I need to say that also that location was awesome? It was a mansion near Basilica di Santa Maria in Rome.

Being at the last floor, of course I couldn’t help myself and I did this photo:

basilica di santa maria destination wedding
Basilica di Santa Maria

First day we had a while to hang together and get to know each other better and talk details of the wedding. They told us that the party location is pretty but I couldn’t imagine that it will be that awesome! The next day, the wedding happened and I’ll let you watch the result. I have so much footage and I will do a longer version soon.

Until the full version, enjoy!



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