Today we want to show you this emotional wedding proposal that we’ve been part of thanks to our photographer friends Simona & Silviu, from Jurnal Fotografic.

Claudia & Marian, the main characters, are very talented florists from Sauvage Events and they agreed to be part of this photo shoot, at least that’s what Claudia thought it was. Little did she knew what nice surprise Marian prepared for her.

The action took place in a winter day of February at Hadar Chalet , a cozy remote cabin from Gura Siriului, Romania. If you want to have an amazing 3 days wedding, in the middle of the woods, you can do it here because beside a pool where you can chill out, they also have a wedding barn.

Coming back to our story, the day started with a photo session in one of the cabin’s rooms, in front of the fireplace. Marian was so nervous but Simona & Silviu knew how to make him relax while they were taking photos. But that didn’t last long because we moved outside, where he would propose her.

After few minutes of searching, we found the perfect spot with the perfect light, so Claudia and Marian could read their beautiful handcrafted letters, by Charmink Calligraphy, as that was the ‘script’ for the photoshoot. After Claudia read first her letter that was real and emotional, Marian was next but he needed a minute or two to make courage to make his move. When he started to read, a big emotional wave hit all of us and we could barely keep the cameras in our hands. After he finished reading, the big and important question came…

In that moment, we all started crying and you can see the final result, in the movie down below, because while shooting the behind the scenes for Simona & Silviu, we secretly took frames with Claudia & Marian and hopefully this will be a beautiful surprise for them, as Cardamom et Chocolat surprised us with a delicious cake at the end of the day.

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