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Destination Wedding Videographers

Silvia & Florin

Yep! That's us. We met in 2015 and we are a happy married couple since 2019.

We founded Emotioncollector in 2017 but Florin's journey with videography started almost 10 years ago.

When we are not traveling around the country or the world to capture amazing love stories, you can find us in our cozy home in Galati (Romania), together with our lovely cat, Kitty. We love hiking, camping, doing outdoor sports, watching seaside sunrises from our tent and so many other things.

We are really passionate about our work, we strive for perfection and our ultimate goal is to give back something that touches your soul.

Iceland wedding

Our Style

We have a relaxed manner of approaching the wedding day. We don't like to make a big fuss when we're around. We're like a fly on the wall, striving to capture authentic emotions without interfering in the natural course of the events.

We like to be observers and we are always one step forward, ready to capture small details that matter the most: a glimpse, a pair of teary eyes or the feeling of a parent being proud for his child.

Traveling the world inspires us, pushing our creativity to set new boundaries so if you're an adventurous couple, doing an exchange of vows on the top of a mountain or if you're doing an intimate elopement on a wild beach at sunset, let us be there to document these moments so they can be with you forever.


Andra & Vlad

Andra & Vlad

Florin and Silvia, together are an extraordinary team! They are professionals and always there to answer all your questions (Silvia was really helpful to us: 'see the make up', 'see the dress', 'see the flowers')
I was very pleased that I didn't even feel them during the day and yet they captured the most beautiful moments. They are open to suggestions, small changes. I'm glad we had them on the most important and happy day of our lives and we were pleasantly surprised with the film! Thank you again!

Simona & Silviu

Simona & Silviu

We followed their page before meeting them personally. And we continued to do so, being surprised by the continuous desire for knowledge, the numerous prizes won, the passion and creativity they leave in each film. Sharing the same vision for documenting events, a sincere and beautiful friendship was naturally created which led to joint projects, with wonderful results. And the most amazing project so far, is the one in which they told us our story. Despite the claims of a photographer hard to be satisfied (sorry), they took in almost 2 minutes more than we imagined (sensitivity, joy, friendship, magic). For this, we will always be grateful to them. ❤️


Mihaela & Andrei

With your help we were able to remember how beautiful and happy we were then. Thank you, you are wonderful people. You did a great job that left us speechless! We can only hug you with love


S & L

Talented, professional, people who come to your heart!
When we saw the video of our moment, I cried!
I was expecting something nice to come out, but my expectations were exceeded!
I wholeheartedly recommend !!!!!!



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